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The primary goals of myPLACE are to equip students to (1) discover how God has uniquely created them, and (2) apply principles of PLACE to their relationships, careers, and ministries.

"Through the years several thousands of college students have completed the five PLACE Assessments. myPLACE will continue to utilize the five proven PLACE Assessment components as its base:"

  • P - Personality type.
  • L – Learning about spiritual gifts.
  • A – Abilities (optimal work environment).
  • C – Connecting with our passions.
  • E – life Experiences.

How myPLACE Works?

myPLACE gives intentional attention to follow-through and application, aimed for key issues college students have. myPLACE gives teaching, coaching and resources on three core long-life elements (relationships, careers, ministries) beyond the PLACE Assessments that prepare collegians for a more supportive, flexible, and sustainable future:
  • How my personality affects the one(s) I love most.
  • How to empower the people I care for.
  • Understand what drives the people who are closest to you.
  • Choosing a career that's in line with how God made me.
  • What if I could do what I love for a living?
  • How to understand my boss and co-workers.
  • Utilizing my life experiences in my career.
  • Can my spiritual gifts be used in my career? Absolutely!
  • God has created me for a purpose.
  • I can help others because of what I've been through myself.
  • Doing ministry where I'm most fulfilled.
  • Understanding the thoughts and actions of those with whom you serve.

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